Why You Need To Stop The Thumb Sucking Habit Of Your Child?

Thumb sucking is a normal habit that arises from the natural instinct of a baby to suck. Eight out of ten of the children may have the habit of thumb sucking. It begins as a standard thing but can cause problems, as the child gets older. 

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Here are the main reasons why you must prevent thumb sucking habit of your child:

1. Speech Impediments – Thumb or finger sucking can lead to lisp and other language disorders.

2. Dental problems – Finger or thumb sucking can cause dental health dilemmas like misalignment of teeth, cracked tooth also called buck teeth, or jaw growth problems.

3. Thrust language – An almost uncontrollable condition caused by thumb sucking is thrusting. This is when the language runs uncontrollably pushing their mouth while speaking.

4. Infection – By putting their thumbs in their mouths they invite germs in the mouth that can not only trigger the disease but conditions like thrush – oral yeast infection in the mouth area.

5. Skin irritations – Children who suck their thumbs have serious problems with excessive moisture around the mouth which can cause irritation and rashes. They can also suffer from too dry scaly skin around the lips.

It is important to try to discourage your child to continue the habit beyond the age of three.