What Are The Prerequisites For Setting Up A WiFi Range Extender?

Range extenders are like a boon to the home network, which not only provides a boost to the speed but also improves the performance of Wi-Fi by increasing the bandwidth and coverage in your area. To start using the range extender, the Netgear extender setup is necessary, which can be performed in two different ways. One such way is using the range extender setup assistant and another one is the WPS method.

To start with the installation, some pre-requisites must be satisfied. Here’s a list of things that are essential for the setup.

  1. High-speed internet access on your modem.
  2. The router having all the LEDs green in color.
  3. Any smart device or computer that can be connected to the extender.
  4. Working power socket.
  5. USB cable. This is required only in case of a physical connection between computer and extender. If you are using the wireless option, then you can skip this cable.
  6. If you have all these things, you can start the installation process in no time.

The steps to set up the range extender depends on the type of devices you have. If the extender and the router support the WPS button, then you can setup extender using the button without linking to a default IP address. Yes, if there is no WPS button on both the devices, then the approach is different and you can get assistance in this regard from the extender experts.