Plumbing History One Should Know About


All living organisms require water in order to survive. One of the best ways we get water is via the plumbing system. If one looks at the history then the Persians, Indians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans were the first who came up with the idea of plumbing. The plumbing system offered portable water, water for crop irrigation, public baths etc. These are a few interesting historical facts about plumbing.

  1. Using straw and baked clay made way for the first production of plumbing pipes. On the other hand, copper pipes were first made by the Egyptians where they also had dug wells at about 300feet. This lead to the invention of water wheel.
  2. The Greeks were the first to master the concept of hot and cold running water. Moreover, the shower technology was introduced by the Greeks for their athletes during the time of Olympic Games. Thanks to then, we understand the concept of hot and cold water today.
  3. The Romans were the first who successfully built different channels to transport the water from mountains to cities.
  4. In 1738, J.F.Brondel invented the very-first valve-type flush toilet.
  5. John Harington offered Queen Elizabeth I, a gift in the form of a flushable toilet. Although, this special gift turned out to be a nightmare for the queen because she was scared of using it.
  6. Alexander Cumming was the first to patent modern toilet in the year 1775.

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