Agaricus Blazei H1X1 Medicinal Mushroom Benefits

In Japan, agaricus blazei is the top selling medicinal mushroom. The genus, agaricus has been known for centuries in China for its beneficial effects on the human body.

These benefits include helping to balance out cholesterol levels, support for weight loss and improving the mind-body balance and many more effects. You may buy the mushroom from Spore Society and avail the benefits of it.

Agaricus blazei, mushrooms murrill, actually found in Brazil, where the meal was found to be noticeably better than average. This fungal species was brought to Japan where it was in-depth study at The University of Tokyo. The researchers found that contain much higher levels of beneficial enzymes and nutrients.

Science comes into play when Agaricus blazei of Brazil crossed with a variety of California to create a genetic hybrid h1x1 who have a higher level again, the desired nutrients. Finally, a super concentrate developed from h1x1 by extracting substances from the near wall of the cell membrane.

This particular murrill medicinal mushrooms and concentrates are not widely available to the public. VidaCup science adviser is Dr Daria Davidson, a medical practitioner of integrative and he has overseen incorporate this concentrate into a health drink. This is known as functional drinks because they perform functions and have a certain effect on the body.

Health drinks containing medicinal mushrooms are divided into two groups. First, there is a natural energy drink with reportedly no postal use of an accident or the effects of fatigue, because people experience with distinctive, high-caffeine and sugar energy drinks.

Secondly, there is an instant coffee beverage. It is often infused with additional ingredients such as gingko biloba, to improve mental responses such as focus, concentration and short term memory.