Workhorse Of Chemical Industries – PVC High Speed Mixers

The importance of the chemical industry in any economy can not be overstated. They provide hundreds of materials, chemicals, and other compounds without which modern life as we know it is impossible to imagine. 

One of the hundreds of raw materials produced by the chemical sector is PVC. This beautiful material, because of an accidental discovery in the early part of the 19th century, has spawned hundreds of new applications.

The reason why PVC has so many applications in modern life we ​​are because of exceptional flexibility and high durability. Previously, a large amount of material made of iron or other metals such as pipes, window frames, and metallic bonding mixers, etc. 

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The industry is now using PVC materials to make them more durable. The PVC material is easy to mold making them the material of choice for building hundreds of new things that are used in everyday life.

Due to the huge demand for this material in our daily life, the production of PVC material in full swing. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC as it is called is the third most synthetic material produced in the world.

The PVC development process, in theory, is quite simple. Just take a monomer and polymer molecules to form strings. Although it looks simple on paper, so it is a very complex process.

Raw materials such as resins used to make PVC must be heated at a certain temperature so that the pores open. This allows other ingredients to mix thoroughly to produce PVC.

The process is complex heating and mixing the different ingredients to make PVC is very difficult to do manually. There is a special machine called PVC high-speed mixer to perform all these tasks automatically and efficiently on an industrial scale. 

This high-speed mixer has a knife in them which rotates at a speed which is fantastic for raising the temperature of the material at a certain level and also mix them uniformly.

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