Why Whale Shark and Canyoneering Day Tour is special in Cebu?

Cebu has two islands named as Leyte and Bohol which has gained a huge tourist attraction within a short period of time. The oslob whale shark and canyoneering are the most popular tours of Cebu.

Whale Sharks In Oslob

  • The Oslob whale shark watching tour has gained an immense popularity all around the world.  This tour was started in 2011 and these whale sharks are spotted in Tan-wan.

  • You will be taken to this place by the local fishermen and they will guide you and help you to interact with the whale sharks.

  • The local guide will also ensure that you swim safely with these whale sharks.

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Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

  • You will be enjoying the canyoneering in Kawasan falls which is also very popular amongst the tourist.

  • The local guide will take you to these Kawasan falls where you can hike, swim and jump through the falls. After traversing the Kawasan Falls,  you will be taken to the forest for hiking.

  • In this tour, you will be given the life jackets, aqua shoes, and helmets for the safety purpose. Before going to Kawasan Falls you will be given a small class about jumping, swimming, and hiking.

  • Apart from the Canyoneering, you will also enjoy the beautiful wildlife and aquatic animals.


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