Why to Clone Cannabis Plants

Cannabis cloning is only one of 2 ways growers strain their crops. Since the frozen cutting is essentially a little replica of the parent plant, it stocks its precise genetics.

How to Do It

There are lots of strategies to replicate a cannabis plant, however, only speaking, it’s an issue of picking a branch out of a healthy parent plant, cutting on it, allowing it create roots, and transplanting it at a developing medium.

The best branches to pick are those near the base because they’d need to be trimmed anyhow. But if you would like clones which will blossom quickly, you may also wish to reduce top branches. To buy marijuana or cannabis clones you can browse to:

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Mimosa strain

Additionally, it’s very important to slant cut on the branch to make the most of the surface area where the roots may synthesize. To make certain another branch develops from the cut branch, then leave a minimum of one set of leaves.

You are able to put the clone in an assortment of growing mediums which promote it to root. You may dip the cutting stem into rooting powder or gel then stick it into a Rockwool block.

Eventually, they can set the stem. Simply cover a little cup of water using PH 5.8 with a duct tape, then create a little hole to the stem, and put the rooting gel-covered stem to the water. Once roots look, the plant is prepared for the transplant.

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