Why Do We Carry Spare Tyres?

The majority of modern cars come with a spare tyre stored somewhere in the car just in case one of your tyres goes flat or has a blowout.

They can often be found in a well in the boot of your car, usually hidden by a layer of carpet, and secured with bolts for safety and security.

They can also be stored underneath the car, secured to the rear of the car, or in rear engine cars, in the boot at the front of the car.

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While it is commonly called a spare tyre, it is actually more than that as a tyre alone would be difficult for drivers to fit without specialist equipment. For this reason, cars are supplied with a spare tyre pre-fitted to a spare wheel.

These days we are rarely out of reach of mobile tyre service, or a vehicle recovery service, but when cars first came into use, this was not the case.

Back then the roads were not in the (fairly!) smooth condition we are used to, but riddled with potholes and debris such as nails which did tend to cause punctures.

As they were unable to call for assistance, this meant the driver had to take the wheel off the car, then remove the tyre from the wheel, repair it, reflate and put everything back together.

Nowadays many cars don't have a full spare tyre, as manufacturers try to maximize storage space, weight and cost by going for space-saver models. These are not intended to be driven far or at high speeds as most are restricted to 50mph.

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