Which Healthy Green Foods Help You Lose Weight?

It is not necessary that all green foods and vegetables consist all vitamins and minerals. There are only a few green foods and vegetables that consist of fat releasing nutrients. Below are a few vegetables and fruits that helps in losing weight:

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1. Green cabbage

Most people advise having green cabbage on a plate paired it with corn beef or lean proteins like turkey, chicken beef or tofu. It is because it is rich in vitamin C, manganese, folate and fibers. As it consists of increased fiber so you can easily fill stomach.

2. Avocados

These consist of nutrients that help in getting rid of monounsaturated fatty acids. They also consist of essential vitamins, nutrients, fiber, folic acid, potassium and other minerals. According to a study, healthy diet that consists of avocadoes helps in lessening sugar and lowering overall BMI.

3. Kale

This is a dark green colored vegetable. It has similar flavor to cabbage and is considered as superfood. It consist large quantities of fat that helps in releasing calcium. This helps people in getting rid of fat deposited on stomach and waistline. Another good thing about kale is that it consists of large quantities of lutein and iron. It can easily be used in different types of soups. It is considered as one of the best snacks as it can be baked or stir fried and served as side dishes.

These are some of the greens that can help you in losing weight and are often served with food at weight loss program in Thailand.

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