Where would you love to travel?

Where would you love to travel, to a place with scenery or to a place with temples, to a place with vivacious art or to a place with clean and fascinating beaches? This place is a complete package of all these things. Thailand it is. It is just an amazing place to visit. People from different regions come there to enjoy the special forms of art and architecture served by them.  The people living there are lively and kind.

If a person wants to visit Thailand, he can have all the information on the tip of his hands by the thai free app. It is a fantabulous app which takes you to many sundry place there.


If you are planning to visit Thailand, you can have a look to places like,

  1. Beaches- Thailand have beaches covered by huge mountains and also with clear water. People usually spend their leisure time on the beach by enjoying and taking sun baths.
  2. Temples- Grand temples were built by the ancient people. It is the main attraction for public. The temples cover huge space and the structure is all together large and beautiful.
  3. Shopping- Who doesn’t love shopping? People enjoy shopping from there. They have huge markets and with cheap rates. Many dealers in clothes visit Thailand to buy variety of clothes.

Many older people also visit here, to spend their old age with delight and without any stress. One can take the package and plan a trip for 10-15 days to enjoy every bit of Thailand.  

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