Ways to Save on Life Insurance

There are many articles helping with life insurance tips but typically one can find just several pieces of advice there. We created such a list for life insurance! This list is the supreme comprehensive overview of all opportunities to save on Life Insurance and it was created after frequent discussions with many insurance brokers.

Age: Go for the policy when you are young and your premiums will be lower.

Round-up your age wisely: If you choose to buy a life insurance policy, validate that your age rounds down and not up, i.e. if you are going to be 30 years old on December 31, buy the policy in the first 6 months of the year where your age is still rounded down to 29 and not 30. Have a  look at insurancefrisco.com, if you want to know more about life insurance.

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Good health: If you are in a noble health and have a good build (ratio of weight and height) when you apply for a life insurance policy, insurers will recompense that with lower premiums.

Non-smokers: Stop smoking well in advance (at least a year) before smearing for a policy – else your premiums will double.

Good driving record: Certify you have a good driving record before applying – a bad driving record is punished by life insurance provider (as by auto insurers) – your premiums will go up by extra 25-50%.

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