Types of Cable Stands

Cable caddies are a hit among regular people as much as for construction workers. Excess wires are managed successfully and accessed at greater ease. Given below are its types:

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  • Reel Trailers and Carts

This kind of cart can be moved to distances without much hassle. We can choose to pull it by the handle and walk it to our required distance if it meets our ease or we can attach it by its hook to our automobile to beat walking. The portable feature of this type of cart makes it more easy-going and accessible in terms of transport to long distances.

  • Rolling Spool Cart

This kind of cart comes with handles for pulling it around places. It comes in a variety of spool sizes to meet our compatibility. The wire or cable is typically wound around the cylinders. These are not only fit for use in construction work but the compactness of this type of cart also makes it widely used in household tasks too.

  • Mobile Wire Dispenser

This kind of cart provides storage up to 1000 inches of wire, making it handy from the storage point of view and making the process of storage quick, accessible and reliable. It comes with a sturdy handle for easy mobility, the surface area of it being such that it is less of a hassle to carry around.

  • Reel Holder

Here we have the simplest form of cable stand. It has a single spool around which a limited inch of wire or cable can be wounded for storage. This kind of stand is the most frequently used among construction workers because of its simplicity. The wire wound around it can be unwounded and wounded back speedily by many means.

Each type has its own way of providing accessibility and every one of their ways has made strenuous construction tasks less of a trouble than it was without them.

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