Tips for Natural Looking Makeup

Achieving a natural look with makeup can be more difficult than getting a made up, formal one. You do not want to the look to be too dark, too light or cakey. Natural make-up requires a lot of skill and patience.

Below are a few tip to create a natural look.


1. Use moisturizer

Moisturizer will keep your skin fresh and hydrated. It will smoothen your skin so that you can apply foundation perfectly. If you have oily skin avoid using moisturizer as it can lead to make-up fallout.

2. Concealer

Use concealer to hide any dark spots, dark circles, fine lines and acne spots. It will help you to achieve a flawless and even skin tone.

3. Foundation

Now apply a little bit of foundation that suits your skin. Most women use liquid foundation but you use the one that suits you. These foundations are easy to blend so you can easily create an even look. Also, to get that perfect natural makeup look use the right type of brush or beauty blender.

4. Blusher

There are different kinds of blushes available in the market. For a natural look, you can either use cream or powder blush for the perfect result. They are easier to blend, and in case you apply more than the required amount, you can easily blend it. Use pink or peach undertone for the perfect nude look.

5. Neutral eye shadows

For a nude look, use neutral colored eye shadows on your lid. Go with a just a shade darker than your skin color. Anything darker will create a dramatic effect that does not look natural. 

Above are five steps that you can use for creating a nude or natural look.

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