Things to avoid bringing to Hostel


When it comes to staying in a hostel, it is important to remember to pack carefully for items that will be required. Amateur or first-time travelers make a lot of mistakes when it comes to packing their bags. If you’ve decided to travel the world and decided to stay in a hostel, these are unnecessary list of items you should leave at home.

  1. Alarm Clock – You may be an old-school depending on a traditional alarm clock to wake up on time. However, traditional alarm clocks are really loud that can also disturb others sleep. Ensure, you keep it at home and use the one on our phone.
  2. Calendar – We don’t live in the olden days to look at the calendar to know the exact date. If you still wish to know the exact date, hostels have calendars where you can look at the exact date.
  3. Expensive Stuffs –Jewelries, expensive laptops, cameras, and credit cards are some of the things you can carry them with you but need to be careful. Although, the chances of getting stolen inside the hostel are far too less however, why take a risk. Moreover, you never know the true intentions of a traveler.
  4. Bad Attitude – Since travelers from all over the globe come to stay in hostels, it is important to leave the bad side of your attitude at home. Make sure that you are always nice to them while having a conversation and always smiling when listening to them.

Make sure you do not bring these things with you while leaving in Canggu hostel.

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