The Future of Video Production

Video production and digital film are still very much in its infancy. However, there are certain films coming through now which show how low budget film making doesn't have to be made to look low budget.

The main problem is that there seems to be a trend that if you have a low budget, the film/production has to look low budget, and although these films often work extremely well, there is another side.

By using post-production grading, a cheap green screen with softbox lighting and a camera that you could pick up for a few grand you can actually create something which looks like a Hollywood production.

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You just have to be willing to spend some time learning about post-production, camera angles, and techniques that show a level of quality and technical ability.

This isn't hard; it’s just more technical and maybe more boring for some than grabbing a camera and filming everything in a documentary style.

When looking at video production agency there is some which stand out, and exemplify this combination of high-quality film standard productions at very low rates, and there are some which don't.

But the important point to remember is by experimenting with post-production software, researching techniques to get the most out of what lights you have or what camera you are using will only benefit when making the film. And if you do want it to have a documentary / realistic look to it, at least the shots will be purposeful and thought out and there will be a reason behind them.

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