The Brutal History Of Boxing Sports

Boxing is a blend of martial art and combat fighting, where the two fighters use many techniques to push at each other in order to win the bout. Headgear and best boxing gloves for beginners is a part of the modern day boxing. Boxing is now highly popular in many countries, and boxing events can gather a lot of audiences. Competition for boxing has gone up all the way to the Olympic level. In a lower level, you could buy some punching bag for kids to play boxing at home with your kids.

Like any other combating sports, boxing originated from hand to hand combat that is popular in the old times. Boxing was an organized sport at the time when the ancient Greeks introduced them as a form of sports. These people are also the one that begins the Olympic game of the modern time. Fist fights with protective hand gloves which are strikingly familiar to boxing can be traced back to the Babylonia or the Sumerian, proving that this sports have a long history. The earliest evidence of boxing sports is in the 668 BC of the ancient olympiads. Since then, it has evolved continuously. The modern boxing as we know nowadays is a lot similar to the 16th century fights for prized that were really popular in the Britain, and then spread to other regions of Europe and finally the United States.

Even in the ancient Rome, Boxing was also a sport that was loved by many. Opponents use leather to wrap around their fists as a form of protection. As they fight, they would use harder leather or even metal studs as a lethal weapon. Things such as lump piercer were also used. Boxing was used as gladiator fights in this time, where opponents will fight each other to death. The time when someone falls is enjoyed by the audience and spectators. 

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