Study Reveals One in Four Bard IVC Filters Malfunctioned

The investigation into the malfunction of the medical device known as a Recovery Filter continues with new, scary statistics. A study revealed that almost one in four of the IVC filters manufactured by C.R. Bard are fractured or otherwise malfunctioned. The most shocking part about this revelation is the fact that Bard knew of these figures as early as 2004. Instead of recalling the product or reporting the difficulty to the Food and Drug Administration, Bard hired a public relations team to develop a plan for future investigations of the filter. They also proceed to sell the device.To know more on bard ivc filters and its complications, you may contact bard ivc filter lawyers.

Since then, 27 people have died and hundreds of others have encounter severe complications related to their filter. It is estimated that 200,000 people still have the medical device inside them. Bard has since released a safer version of the IVC filter known as the G2.

IVC filters are designed to help stop blood clots from traveling to the heart and lungs. It’s a critically important device in some situations that undoubtedly saves lives. But should the filter fail – as the Recovery has been known to do – the device’s sharp ridges can pierce internal organs. Regulatory specialists claim to have to reveal concern about the safety of the product during its development, but no such worries were shared with the FDA. It was only when a regulator reported that her signature had been forged on IVC filter documentation that the FDA had any idea about the hazardous problems with the product.

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