Spotting Tenants Growing Cannabis

 When you rent out a house you trust that your tenants will be respectful and considerate and leave the house in precisely the exact same state it was when they came. In addition you expect your tenants to abide by the law. Growing Cannabis, this is not always true.

Problems like breach of the peace infractions and illegal sub-letting is several common problems faced by landlords, but another significant risk that landlords should know about is that of illegal drug development.

Spotting Tenants Growing Cannabis

The comparative ease with which the materials and equipment necessary for developing cannabis has made it a possibility for the average person to set up shop.

Many also choose to take the chance of growing cannabis at a property that's not their own and this is where the landlord could find themselves in trouble and out of pocket.

 If you suspect that a few of your renters might be growing the drug inside your premises, there are quite a few tell-tale signs that will assist you figure out if they are likely to be engaging in such illegal behavior.

Cannabis needs a whole lot of warmth and light to grow, meaning that power consumption from the property is guaranteed to go through the roof and sometimes people attempt to tamper with wiring – such as by progressing into electricity lines – as a means to prevent detection.

By the same token, if there are lights in the house that never found to venture outside, the cultivation of cannabis plant might be the reason. This also occasionally leads growers to attempt to black out or hide their windows, so count this as another warning signal and something worth exploring.

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