Russia Tourism: Russian Visa, Accommodation, Wardrobe Tips

All tourists should have a valid Russian visa for Russia tourism. However, before you apply for one, you should have an invitation (or even a Russian visa support letter) in the Russian tourist agency/hotel. This may be obtained online at a minimum cost.

On obtaining it, you also have to use to the nearest Russian consulate to get a visa, which normally happens between 14-20 days. As soon as you arrive at Russia, your visa needs to be enrolled, which is usually handled by the resort you're staying at. You can navigate through to know more about russian traveler visa.

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Flanked by historic architecture, creative genius, and an old-world charm; the Moscow and St. Petersburg are Russia's two notable cities which you simply must see. It's highly advisable to book your hotel in advance (at least a month earlier) since you might not find convenience as soon as you reach there.

For every tourist, food option might be a potential concern. But lots of resorts in Russia provide continental cuisine, including vegetarian cuisine, so picking your hotel wisely is the trick to a smooth vacation.

Do not forget to pack a set or 2 of footwear. There is a good deal of walking to be performed in Russia, particularly whenever you're on a tour of the Kremlin, along with other magnanimous churches and museums that are must-visits in almost any Russia tourism bundles.

Along with this, make sure that you do your homework, and possess an itinerary set out to prevent unnecessary wastage of energy and time. Russia is quite secure, but it's sensible to be alert at all times. The language might be an issue, as Russian is widely spoken among the natives. Thus, a Russian-English dictionary must be of great assistance.

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