Pros And Cons Of CNC Machining : Milling And Turning Parts

CNC machines can be used to upgrade your business to greater heights, but before you buy the machine weigh all the pros and cons first.


1) Continuous use. This machine can run as long as you want them to run, whether it’s 24 hours, weeks, months or even a year, the only time you need to shut them down is to maintain.

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2) Consistency. The machines will produce one piece after piece of the same object without the drawbacks of your business gives consistency to produce quality goods time after time.

3) Software. This software is one of the main components of the machine. It can be updated to improve your equipment. 

4) Technology. The technology used in CNC machine software will allow you to create a design that is impossible to do by hand.

5) Management. One person can easily manage multiple machines programmed, the only aspect that needs to be changed is the cutlery should they go blunt.


1) Cost. CNC machines can be more expensive than manually-operated machines, but cost reduction is starting to show as their demand increases.

2) Skills losses. Due to limited training time requires a lot of skills that are used to manually create the missing parts. 

3) Unemployment. Less labor is required when you use a CNC machine, which means you may need to hold or reduce some of your staff.


When you weigh the pros and cons of automated machines you will find that the pros far outweigh the cons. Although the initial cost may be the high amount you save on-staff experts and reject parts will soon turn into an advantage.

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