Plastic Extrusions Manufacturer

 Plastic extrusion is a process in which plastic materials are melted down and formed into a continuous profile.

‘Plastic extrusion’ (Also known as ‘ การอัดขึ้นรูปพลาสติก’ in the Thai language) produces all types of different items and is particularly useful for the manufacture of window frames, tubing, pipes and weather stripping.

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To expel plastic into various shapes, called raw thermoplastic resin material in the extrusion industry, and in the form of small beads, loaded into a gravity hopper mounted on the top of the barrel of the extruder.

Temperature controlled barrel along its length so that the beads move along the temperature will increase.

The gradual warming of the resin makes it possible to melt gradually and evenly as forced together through the barrel and minimize the risk of overheating, which in turn can cause the polymer to degrade. Cooling fans can be used to lower the temperature of the barrel if too much heat is generated.

Plastic leaf screw on the front end of the barrel and passing through the screen pack to remove any contaminants that may be present in the plastic melt. 

When the molten plastic into the breaker plate has passed through death. Die giving final shape or profile products, and should be designed to allow the molten plastic to flow evenly from the profile cylinder, with the product form the final profile. 

There are quite a few different types of materials used in plastic extrusion and some of which may include:

o Polystyrene: Polycarbonate: Acrylic: Nylon: Acetal: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

The different extrusion process can include: Extrusion Blown film, sheet/film extrusion, coextrusion, extrusion compounds, and over jacketing extrusions.

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