Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne

Outdoor blinds can serve a variety of purposes in many different environments. However, it can be difficult to choose the right blinds for your purpose. One of the pivotal considerations to make regarding outdoor blinds is the climate or environment they will be used in, as this will help frame the decisions made and products available. Let's consider Melbourne as the environment in which we shall consider the outdoor blinds, with its hot summers, cold winters and picturesque autumns and springs. 

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Are Outdoor Blinds Popular in Melbourne?

Anyone who has frequented the cafe and food areas such as Blackrock, St Kilda or Mornington Peninsula will know that places such as these, with their high volumes of foot traffic, don’t want to see their clientele driven off with weather changes or flies. The most commonly used feature in cafe’s and outdoor eateries are blinds. Blinds help shelter from the harsh sun in summer; driving rain in winter; and the chilly evening breezes in spring and autumn. Additionally, they protect people from flies, mosquitos, and other pests. 

Outdoor blinds are also a popular choice for non-commercial properties as, again, they allow shelter from the elements or a reprieve from pests. Their versatility and their various styles also add to their increasing popularity. 

What Are the Most Modern Types of Outdoor Blinds in Melbourne?

There are a variety of outdoor blinds available on the Melbourne market to cater to a wide variety of tastes and purposes. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Ziptrack blinds: these boast some of the easiest modes of operation as well as durability;

  • Motorised blinds: why wind or crank blinds if you can just push a button instead?;

  • Patio blinds: allows a dedicated space to be created on a verandah area; and

  • Alfresco blinds: similar to patio blinds but are intended for larger areas. 

Alfresco and Zip track blinds are the ones most commonly seen at commercial properties in Melbourne. While patio and motorised blinds are more commonly found at residential properties – this is because they tend to be more expensive on a per-unit basis and due volume and frequency of use, they are less likely to experience harsh wear and tear. 

Benefits of Outdoor Blinds In Melbourne

The biggest benefit of outdoor blinds in Melbourne is their ability to make any space usable almost all of the time. Outdoor blinds can section off areas for smaller groups or can allow someone to enclose an area, such as a patio, to customise that space while leaving the larger area unaffected. The more heavy-duty blinds such as Alfresco and Zip track blinds are highly suited to commercial properties such as cafes and restaurants as they are quick and easy to put up or down. This allows a business to operate and reap maximum clientele regardless of the weather. For example, in the depth of winter in Melbourne, you may want to get out of the house but the driving rain and bone-chilling wind is a deterrent. Sitting at a cafe with blinds down allows you to enjoy the outdoors without being at the mercy of its weather. Motorised blinds have the additional benefit of being even easier to operate. Cranking, winding, rolling, zipping, unzipping or tethering blinds can be quite laborious. Motorized blinds move into position at the push of a button, leaving the owner to utilise their time and energy better.


Outdoor blinds are ideal in a place like Melbourne, which is known for its variable and often harsh and unforgiving climate. Businesses are at the mercy of the climate and all it brings with it. By installing outdoor blinds, a reprieve is offered from the heat, rain, wind, and any associated pests. Businesses are then able to reap the rewards of unwavering clientele whilst patrons can enjoy the fruits of the Melbourne city, all year round.  


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