Why You Should Not Teach English ?

The benefits and rewards of teaching English overseas may be of secondary or no interest to some potential teachers.

They are searching for another excuse to leave their home country, and seize upon English instruction as a means to do it. Unfortunately, their students and employers pay the cost for this, and it rarely amounts to more than a temporary fix for the “teachers.” These are some of the reasons why you should not become an English teacher abroad:

 Running away to another country may give you temporary relief, but understand that the problems you left behind will only get worse in your absence.Get more info about how to Teach English through online sources.

Viewing the world on somebody else’s dime. This is really one of the benefits of teaching overseas. However, this implies a commitment to being a teacher first and being a tourist moment.

If your priorities are the reverse, you won’t be a good employee or a good teacher, and you will soon realize that the tasks you can get are badly paid and for disreputable employers.

Making lots of money tax-free. This is a typical come-on to unwitting would-be teachers, but a few myths could be dispensed with right now.

For many teaching jobs, the salary and benefits are sufficient to live on in relative comfort, but there won’t be much left to spend on shopping, travel or entertainment.

With rare exceptions, there won’t be anything left that you can put in the bank back home: this is not just because the salaries are commensurate with local expenses, but also because the exchange rate and bank transfer fees will whittle your additional cash down to a fraction of what it’s worth in the original currency in the local economy.

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