Men Are Ditching Fad Diets In Favor Of Science Based Six Pack

The science based six pack intermittent fasting plan is becoming a popular alternative to all other fad based diets. The central theme in this method is to follow what is known as “intermittent dieting” coupled with exercise techniques that not only reduces fat in the body, but it does so without reducing muscle mass. It is a method developed by one of the most popular and watched dietitians on the internet, Thomas DeLauer. Through the Science Based Six Pack plan Thomas guides men through a step-by-step process to achieve their best muscle optimization. 

The goal is to help men reach peak health to enable them to lead healthy and productive lives. When a person signs up with the Science Based Six Pack program they can expect to get Thomas’s tips on how to curb food cravings. This will enable users of the program to “bio hack” the body to speed up results with the help of fasting friendly supplements. There is also an e-book which is called the “Master Fasting Course”, which contains tasty recipes to help with the fast-break, small meal combos, and various other desserts, designed to be healthy.

Last but not least, Science Based Six Pack also includes “Two Intermittent fasting diet plans” called the Base Track and Fast Track. As the name shows, Base Track is the simpler of the two and consequently the one you would start with if you are new to the program. The Fast Track plan is designed to be more specific with a macro-nutrient ratio based eating plan. However, both plans come with a fasting planner which includes a day-to-day eating schedule as well as food journal for accountability. For those of you who want to take things a step higher, you can sign up for the ShredFast Workout routine.

Men can visit the official website to learn more about Science Based Six Pack and how to get started with Thomas DeLauer's research backed intermittent fasting program today.

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