MayMac Fight: Gambler Seeming To Have The Idea Of Mayweather Will Be Beaten By McGregor

When we look at the records and all these papers, we can’t deny that Floyd Mayweather should make the fight quickly end in their bout in Las Vegas on August 26. McGregor is an MMA fighter with no professional boxing experience while Mayweather is a champion with 5 titles in different weight classes.

However, Wagers’ money is on the side Conor McGregor over Floyd Mayweather. Wagers openly backed McGregor to win this fight. As one of the sports books said that ninety-five percent of the wage and 79 percent of the money taken for having the odd go to McGregor. Meanwhile, the odd for Mayweather is getting better, 1-6 from 1-25.

The interest for this fight attracted a lot of people to put their interest even if it’s crooked. Conor McGregor is one the fast growing athlete with passionate Fanbase. He still young, aged 29 and 11 years younger than Mayweather, who hasn’t fought since his last fight 2 years ago.

The boxing match is going to set a new record for Nevada in combat wagering, passing the money that was waged on the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao. Nevada Gaming Commission’s official financial reports don’t break out boxing but WestGate SuperBook Vice President Jay Kornegay stated that between $30 and $35 million was waged on that fight. He added, “Mayweather-McGregor should ‘easily surpass’ that.”

In consequence, liability will be a big responsibility for the oddsmaker. William Hill would pay the clients for $2 million if Conor McGregor wins (and win only about $400 if he loses). It could reach $5 million by the exposure in the fight night, said by the head of William Hill U.S., Joe Asher.

Wagers who want to back Mayweather is waiting to place their bets, hoping to glimpse the decline of odds even further.

Asher said, “Typically the late money is the favorite. But it won’t get us anywhere close to even.”

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