Majestic Morocco Private Tour

The Hassan II Mosque at

Located on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea at Casablanca, El Hassan II Mosque is the biggest in Africa, also among the biggest mosques in the Entire world.

The mosque is featured using its Andalusian-style minaret that’s 2-10 meters in height. The Majority of the excursions to Morocco would frequently add a visit to the Mosque of Hassan II. Plan your exotic tour to Morocco by clicking through

The Hassan II Mosque was constructed in 1993 after five years of intensive structure works. The massive surface area of the mosque is outstanding.

Mohamed V Square

This square foot had several names in the past that included the Victory Square, the Administrative Square, ” The United Nations Square, and then the Mohamed V Square. A trip to the square foot is essential for any traveler who tours Morocco.

Oudaya Kasbah

Even the Oudaya Kasbah is among the most notable monuments of Rabat, the capital of Morocco. This striking complex was actually a fortified citadel that was constructed by the Moravids Dynasty plus it greatly prospered during the ruling period of Almohad Dynasty from the 12th century.

Nevertheless, the complex was abandoned after the reduction of Almohads. The complex saw an enormous development subsequently after the Moorish took charge of it in the 17th century and constructed most of the buildings tourists that see Morocco view now.

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