Maintenance of Your Ducted Air Conditioner

Conventional air conditioners are known to need cleaning and maintenance every three months, but ducted air conditioners require little maintenance throughout the year. The return air grille needs to be cleaned every six months or when it becomes dirty. Some controllers display a filter on the screen to remind you of the air conditioners maintenance every six months.

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The air conditioners are used nearly everywhere: offices, malls, houses, hotels, shopping complexes, along with multi storey buildings.  They’re installed at the roof, which may be carried out readily while they’re mended; they don’t occupy space to the walls.

The atmosphere is dispersed evenly throughout ducts in chambers where the machine is still installed.  What’s good about such a ac unit is one machine is sufficient to manage the warmth of an whole house and sometimes maybe  just two stories.


After the climate is exceptionally popular, a ducted air purifier may offer dehumidification and cooling system.  Throughout cold temperatures or on cold weather, then it might heat up a room.  Zone motors might be installed in various ducts and rooms to create the heating and cooling feature elastic and based upon your requirement. For do it yourself cleaning of this filter, then you only have to show a twist thread, pull the clips back, and also the grille will trickle down.

You are able to vacuum the filter or eradicate the filter first and wash the grilled with sterile water.  Bear in mind to not wash the ducted air conditioners filter below the sun in the event that you choose to completely clean it using sterile water, because this may create the filter to deform.

Filters could be washed once every 6 weeks unlike other kinds of ac units however,  in the event the atmosphere grille gets noisier then it is really a indication that it takes thorough cleaning.  The exterior portion of the machine is largely maintenance free, and water leaking out of the drains of this ducted system isn’t just a poor sign.  It only means that the machine is operating properly.

Always make sure that you keep the fans clear of sticks and debris, then apply a film or spray on the outdoor unit to avoid rust – this is important especially if you live in a tropical place or coastal area. Check with the unit’s service center or manufacturer if they have any substance that can help avoid or slow down tarnish in your outdoor unit.

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