Low Dose Birth Control Pills

Are you currently thinking about the signals your body is preparing to say'goodbye' for your period and you're excited about throwing your birth control? Do not be duped into a false sense of safety – if you're still getting your period, it is still possible to become pregnant. When you stop menstruating you aren't formally'menopausal' till 12-18 months afterwards so you still will need to continue using a process of birth control throughout your'perimenopausal' interval, which may last 3-5years. Your doctor can measure your FSH or follicle-stimulating-hormone by means of a blood test to tell if you're in menopause- do not rely on the counter test kits as birth control pills may conceal those evaluations!

Many physicians don't advise remaining on hormonal methods like the patch, injection, and ring throughout perimenopause but frequently advise that you switch over to a very low dose birth control pill such as Alesse or comparable which comprises the only 20mcg of estrogen. Employing a very low dose birth control pill will, generally, maintain your sessions regular while giving you pregnancy defense. Low dose Birth Control Pills have been taken in precisely the exact same manner as routine oral contraceptives and you'll be unfortunate if they do not behave to regulate your periods during perimenopause.

Osteoporosis and bone loss may happen at this time too and very low dose birth control pills can prevent this in certain scenarios. A more well-known advantage for all women irrespective of age is that the protection against cancer of the uterus and uterus through using low dose birth control pills.

Can NOT take very-low-dose birth control pills through perimenopause should you smoke OR when you've got a history of blood clots, breast cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The fantastic news about side effects- because of this very low dose of estrogen women will experience side effects and misplaced libido but if you are unfortunate, side effects might include nausea, breast soreness, greater blood pressure or headaches.

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