Looking For Some Chassis Paint

They should not be that hard to find, considering that it is just painted we are talking about. Paint is just generally easy to find and you can even find them in nearby stores. But depending on what kind of paint it is, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter altogether. Who knows if the kind of paint you are buying is actually the type to be referred to as chassis paint.

But use them anyway because the paint is not cheap. Who is really choosing anyway when it does the same thing all paint does? Coloring something. For all you know, using watercolor could actually do the best job at it though we do not really recommend it all that much. Since it is, you know, watercolor.

It is only good for paper and that is all there is to it. Hell, maybe you should just get some spray paint so you do not have to go through all that annoying hassles of a paint brush. Speaking of, does anyone still use a paintbrush these days for vandalizing?

Not that we suggest it nor are we saying that you should just go ahead and vandalize anyway but we are pretty sure that when you vandalize you are supposed to be using spray cans instead. Everyone knows that if you are using one it also means you have more chances of running away when you get caught.

Mind you, do not vandalize kids, it really is not worth it. It is so immature and to be honest, no one really cares what you put on the walls because none of us normal human beings read it. We really give no crap what our names are or what gang you are in.

If you want to be remembered or at least be given a second glance, make a video about it. People are more attentive to their phones nowadays and you have more chances of being looked there than in the real world. That being said, there are also a lot of videos on the internet and your video getting viewed has fewer chances than any video out there.

so give it up and just accept that no one cares about you and you should just work to contribute your pathetic existence in our society. If not then nobody really cares either way. You could die forgotten and no one would blink. So why not work as a painter instead?

They sound a lot cooler anyway and you would even get paid for it just for painting the cars of other people. Or maybe even houses. Sure you cannot really put in what you probably want to paint in but who cares at this point? You could paint in your own home and that would be that.

We have nothing against you artists out there but if you are going to be shopping all that talent in our faces then we would really not care what kind of talent you have. All you are doing is disrupting the peace and that is something we cannot stand.

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