Kinds of Properties in Singapore

The individual is trying to purchase a house in Singapore. This is due to the fact that the property this is affordable in comparison with the developed countries in Asia. In regards to investing in a house, Singapore actually offers a selection to you. Mostly, possessions will be availed by you in the kind of condos or high rise apartments. You can take advice about the luxury condo in Singapore from professional real estate consultant.


This acquired properties and is due to the ownership limitations for HDB apartments. Asset by the authorities, here’s the classification of properties –

Personal flats

This house falls under the classification of condos or apartments the two being the development dimensions and built sizes up. Condos offer facilities, for example, swimming pool, tennis court, gymnasium, squash courts, children’s playground, BBQ areas, enclosed car park and safety services. There are properties which have a leasehold, although these are freehold.

Landed properties –

Properties in Singapore are categorized as bungalows that were exclusive, semi-detached homes, detached homes, houses, and shophouses. This type of a property will be expensive compared to the high rise flats. The price of the properties is dependent on the lace in addition to plot size and is tied to the property title. Commonly they’re freehold, but a few don’t have leasehold.

Executive condos –

These were constructed for the practitioner who had to get a house that’s far better than HDB Flats although less expensive. This type of a home is larger than HDB apartments but smaller than condominiums. According to legislation, this property can’t be sold for its first five decades. Nonetheless, it’s automatically converted to ‘no restrictions’. It can’t be offered to foreigners between 5 to a decade.

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