Tips For the Beginner Dairy Cow Owner

Are you looking to buy your first cow, or maybe you already have purchased a wonderful dairy cow and are ready to get started enjoying fresh raw milk? Maintaining a family dairy cow can be somewhat daunting if you are brand new and have minimum experience with cows.

Keep in mind that cows, though usually very docile creatures, are also quite large animals so you want to be careful around them.

If you’re planning to drink the milk you may want to make sure you keep all pesticides out of your pasture. Also, check for any toxin plants that you may have in your yard or field. Click here, If you need advice for different care tips about a cow.

Cows really love apples. Therefore, it will be wise to keep them away from your citrus trees if you have any. Otherwise, you will have no oranges left. That pretty much goes for all trees that you don’t wish to be trimmed.

As far as milking goes, you will want to build a stanchion so as to milk her, and then decide on whether you would like to hand milk or use a machine. Milking can be a time-consuming business if done by hand, but some people really prefer this method.

Either way, once you get used to milk on a daily basis as your usual routine, you will do just fine with it. When I started out and had never milked a cow in my life and now, a year later, it’s only another daily chore, nothing difficult at all.

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