Jurisdiction area of Military Criminal Attorney

Military forces are well known for their rules and regulations which lead them to discipline. There is a code of conduct from Roman Empire which acts as the foundation of military laws. According to the military code of conduct, court martial of armed forces can be done for reasons like:-

  • Desertion
  • Disrespect to a superior officer
  • Cowardice

Military personnel’s accused with violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice have the right to trial by the court martial. There are many people around the world who have been falsely accused for crime they have no knowledge of.

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Facing court martial can be very difficult for a mentally and physically fit person. The job of military criminal lawyers is to defend the legal rights of the person who has risked his life to save the country. While saving others, they unfortunately end up trampled in the course of a criminal investigation or court martial themselves.

Military attorneys have the same work as that of the civil attorneys. Military attorney exclusively handle the cases of the military personnel. They have the same education qualification as the civil attorneys but they are aware of the general laws as well as military laws.

Some of the roles of military criminal attorney are:-

  • Preparing legal deeds.
  • Preparing the victim for trail.
  • Creating and maintaining military handbooks.
  • Acting as panel member for court martial.

A military criminal lawyer should be able to work under the pressure with a cool mind and maintain the decorum. He should be able to communicate effectively inside and outside the court room. A military attorney should be excellent in communicating with a soldier and with a high ranked officer alike.

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