Introduction to Stretch Mark Removal

What are stretch marks? Stretch marks are a bothersome and embarrassing dilemma for a lot of men and women. They affect nearly 90 percent of women at some time in their lives and though not to the same extent, some guys also.   You can get the best details about natural skin tightening treatment New York at

Introduction to Stretch Mark Removal

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Stretch marks can form on the skin as fine white lines or vivid purple or red painful looking scars. Commonly found on the buttocks, stomach, arms, buttocks or breasts, red stretch marks are normally the more recent kind while white stretch marks are usually older more marks.

A common misconception about stretch marks is they're a result of the over-stretching of the epidermis. This isn't entirely correct. The underlying reason changes in the body's hormones which are frequently seen with large weight changes, pregnancy, and puberty.

Hormones closely resemble fat cells within the body. So, when there are rapid changes in the total amount of fat lost or added, hormonal changes occur. The hormonal changes, in turn, affect the production of elastic and collagen which comprise the support system of the dermis layer of skin.

When the skin can't produce enough elastic and collagen, the skin becomes less elastic. When the skin is stretched beyond its ability to regenerate quickly enough, linear “thin areas" form which becomes stretch marks.

When stretch marks are recent, it is quite common to have some discoloration of the skin. Generally within the first couple of years after they've formed.

Having stretch marks isn't something that everyone wants to take care of. Many men and women feel ashamed and self-conscious, particularly during warmer months when more revealing clothing is the norm.  

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