Information About Newborn Umbilical Hernia Treatment

What is going on within my child’s body?

A pair of tummy muscles runs down the stomach in the ribs to the anus. These muscles are the very same ones which you are able to view on a bodybuilder’s gut. The muscles are both parallel and are combined together in the top to bottom with their encompassing tissues that are thick.

Newborns have these muscles; however, the linking tissue isn’t completely attached. This is logical since the umbilical cord comes out through the distance between those muscles. If your baby was within the uterus, if such muscles were attached, then they’d have cut off the blood flow between child and mother.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit FAQ

As soon as your baby is delivered and the umbilical cord is cut, then it’s safe for the muscles to attach themselves. You can consult the physiomesh lawyer for any problem in the treatment of a hernia.

If following the stump falls off, then the muscles still have not attached, then the intestines may seep through this gap and the belly button may seem as an “outie,” also called an umbilical hernia. A genuine hernia is created from a sac protruding through this gap between the bits of tissue and muscle in the gut wall.

What do I do?

You don’t – and actually can’t do anything to aid an umbilical hernia. It’s an age-old myth that someone can tie a coin into a string and wrap the contraption around a baby’s midsection to push the belly button in. Given that the reason umbilical hernias exist in the first place, you may readily see why this doesn’t work.

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