How To Begin A Yoga Practice?

There many reasons why you may want to begin taking yoga. You have heard about so many benefits to the practice. You are certain that you could put all of those results to good use. Your hamstrings have been feeling a little tight, so maybe you are looking for greater flexibility.

We can all use tools that will help relieve that tension in our lives. Yoga is well suited to release stress and bring you to a greater sense of connection, awareness, and mindfulness.

What style do I practice?

Once you have decided on what you need from a yoga practice, now it is time to pick what style of yoga class to attend. Wait! There is more than one type of yoga? Yes, there are many styles to practice: Hatha, Iyengar, Kundalini, Power, Ashtanga, Vinyasa yoga and many more. These names might probably make no sense to you right now, and that is ok. Rather than getting too confused about the many styles of yoga practice, all you have to do is find a class, retreats or workshop entitled "Yoga." You can browse to know more about yoga in North Syracuse.

Practice Yoga in Cicero and North Syracuse NY

What will I do in a "Yoga" class?

In a typical class, you can expect to do the following: move your body into various poses, hold those postures, and focus on your breath. The physical practice of yoga will entail moving (or flowing) from one pose to the other. The postures are designed to target areas in your entire body.

The intention of these poses is to create mobility, flexibility, release in tight areas, strength in weaker areas, and overall awareness of your whole body. Holding poses will allow those stiffer parts to stretch. And breath is the foundation of all styles; the breath assists the body with movement and better circulation.

After the 60 minute to 90 minute of practice, there is a period of relaxation and meditation. This is the best part of the practice! You get to lie flat on your back (the pose is called Savasana) and it is here that the mind and body experience presence and renewal.

Some gyms may also offer yoga classes. In addition to working out with weights and attending aerobic classes, fitness centers may have it on their class schedules, too. Be aware, though, because of its popularity, these classes could potentially be crowded and full of people who have already been practicing yoga. 

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