How Racial Reconciliation With Nurses Can Work

Certain workplaces still run with a prejudicial bias against persons that are not white. One of these are hospitals, which must deal with issues like racial reconciliation with nurses. The process is a positive one aimed at a general move towards a more benign and eventually absolutely helpful system in which nursing is involved.

Nurses of course remain the most important of assistive professionals in medicine. Without their work, even doctors may not be capable of actually delivering the proper treatment processes. For these it will mean that the work should come first, and anything that is outside it or are not needed should be kept off.

One of these is racial prejudice, and there has been a lot of demonstrations against this in many locations. White nurses for white folks seem to be something which is organic to all these locations. This should not be the case, and where diversity is needed, the delivery of medical services can suffer from negative net effects.

The demonstrations only show how there are pockets of folks resisting change. This is something that is so entrenched in medicine, and something which is shameful to the establishment. The involvement of those individuals who seem to be the best professionals but act with bias towards color or race should no longer be present.

This is because the change has been going on for some decades. The quality of employment for hospitals need to be checked and revamped, and should also streamline and improve the delivery of services.

This is because some of the more important aspects of medical services will not work well without the cooperation or work of nurses. When black nurses or Asian ones for instance cannot deal with white bigots who are hospitalized, chances are the hospital system can be affected. Cases can open and the complications can set in.

This issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. And this means that the managers, owners and administrators have got to put their heads together and provide solutions. The process being discussed can help, but it should be run with some teeth, which means that there should be penalties involved when this is not followed.

Reconciliation of course should happen without need of force. But for most who are involved in racial issues and bigotry, the stand is something that is held with force. There is no longer any premium for talking and dialogue when all it plays up are the issues and do not actually provide the solutions.

But then again, it will be up to the folks who are in this sector or niche of the industry. It is an industry that while not overtly commercial, relies on money and finances so that it can run and work well. There are terms that apply, especially those of equal opportunity employment, and there should be profiling for those bigots who get into the system.

Some hospitals or medical centers may have these employees in their system for a long time. And the can come out with some surprising negative effects. So the administrators are beholden to check them out before they do anything rash.

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