History Of Martial Arts In Various Civilisations

Modern world is characterised by lack of peace and a grit in everyone to be ahead. Violence and crime has increased over the years, necessitating the need to recognise awareness of Self Defence Classes Sydney and fitness as must. Martial arts, over the years have developed to a great extent and globally adopted by the people in places like New york tokyo Sydney, not just as a sports but also as a fitness routine. Martial arts in itself not just include kung fu or Karate Sydney, but has a wide variety and constitutes a larger history in its developement as modern day martial art. Here is a brief history of various types of martial arts :


An indian variant of martial arts, it origination dates back to 3rd century BC to 2nd Century AD. It is widely prevalent and developed in parts of South India, particularly Kerala. Vedic sage Agastya is regarded as founder and patron saint of Kalaripayat.

Ju jitsu

It finds its origination in Japan begining during Sengoku period, combining various forms of martial arts.Brazillian Ju Jitsu is widely popular globally, was developed after Mistuyo Maeda brought judo to Brazil in 1914. Another derivation of Ju Jitsu is Sambo which is its Russian counterpart.


It also finds its origin in Japan, created as a physical, moral and mental pedagogy. Judo is mother to a wide variety of modern martial arts. It is believed that Japanese polymath Kano Jigoro is the founder of Judo.

Kung fu

Kung Fu is the Chinese martial arts. Its genesis has been attributed to the need for self defence, hunting techniques and millitary training. Its origin dates back to almost 400 years ago.

Muay Thai

National sport of Thailand, it is also known as thai boxing was developed in 18th century.

Kick Boxing

One of the most popular modern combat sports, Kickboxing is a broad term and includes a wide variety of martial arts techniques and became popular in 20th century.

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