How Cameras Prevent Crime?

Many men and women associate hidden cameras with comedy shows such as “Smile, You’re On Candid Camera!” Or “America’s Funniest Videos.” Others associate hidden cameras with illicit activities. But, in reality, they are highly effective tools in combating crime.

A well-placed camera can track an area in your home or business, revealing intruders and catching thieves in the act! You’ll be able to capture employees and others in places they shouldn’t be!

For many years, surveillance equipment was only available to the government, law enforcement, and private investigators. But because this technology has become more affordable and available to the rest of us, many individuals have found that hidden cameras provide powerful protection against intruders, theft, and abuse.

Hidden cameras are little board cameras that are built into everyday items. These items can be anything! They can be placed in clocks, phones, smoke detectors, books and several other household or common items. You can even buy camera components and make your own!

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A standard wireless hidden camera can transmit images up to 1000 feet and high-definition wireless cameras can transmit up to 2000 feet. This readily allows the viewer to find the recording and monitor devise well away from the area being monitored.

The applications are endless… from mothers watching kids in the playroom to managers watching clerks handle clients and money. Hidden cameras can provide proof of wrongdoing in a broad range of situations from a cheating partner to a dishonest business partner or employee.

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