Golovkin: Canelo Is Anxious Like A Bunny

Gennady “GGG” Golovkin sees the fear in Saul “Canelo” Alvares as the two head towards their meeting inside the ring on September 16. Golovkin says as far back as the battle with the Mexican star Canelo was reported, he's appeared to be anxious, and rabbit-like. Golovkin says Canelo is simply talking and looking apprehensive. Golovkin says Canelo simply unwind, in light of the fact that their battle is quite recently the way life is.

Being anxious could be a reasonable sign that Canelo realises that he's sufficiently bad to beat Triple G. Canelo needs to realise that he wasn't battling the best when he was at 154, and he unquestionably battles the best when he was quickly the WBC middleweight champion. Canelo apparently beat a paper champion in Miguel Cotto to win the WBC 160lb title. Canelo's current battle with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. didn't demonstrate that he can contend with Golovkin. That battle was business as usual sort of match production that Golden Boy has been accomplishing for Canelo since he turned master. It was a repulsive battle the minute it was made. Chavez Jr. has seemingly been done as a warrior since 2012. To drag him out for an adversary for Canelo to battle on HBO PPV was tragic.

That was a catch-weight for Canelo and Cotto. In Canelo's just guard of the WBC middleweight title, he battled welterweight Amir Khan rather than Golovkin, who was the No.1 positioned contender in the World Boxing Council's appraisals.

"It's a present to the fans," said Golovkin to RingTV in regards to his battle with Canelo. "I feel like he's apprehensive. His group is anxious. He's talking like a bunny. I went to the ring, and he resembles a bunny. Unwind, this is life," said Golovkin in regards to Canelo.

I get the feeling that Golovkin's message about Canelo expecting to unwind and acknowledge how life is to be a message that he needs to acknowledge what will be desiring him on September 16. Golovkin needs to thump Canelo with a specific end goal to give the boxing open a present. For this situation, the present will be Golden Boy Promotion's brilliant goose.

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