Get Mold Out of Your Clothes

Clothing is part of all of our lives. We all wear them and we all need them. Otherwise, we might get in trouble with the police. Either way, some people are very fortunate to have many different outfits. These outfits will likely be worn for one day and then get tossed into the hamper or a basket for cleaning.

However, if you leave them there for too long, you might find that they’ve become a big smellier and a bit more gross. Moisture is a possibility, so that means that it can get a bit of mold in some extreme cases. Damage Control 911 says how to get rid of that mold, though.

It's a matter of cleaning the clothes with a few different things. If it’s white clothes, it’s a simple matter of cleaning all of your clothes with bleach. Bleach is a great antimicrobial liquid that can kill many things that can cause sickness and grief.

If there are colored clothes in the mix, you can use something like baking soda, vinegar, or borax. Borax is mainly used for killing mold, so you can’t go wrong with adding half a cup of it into hot water. Clothes that are washed in borax will not exhume odors or fumes, so it’s safe to wash a load of clothes in it. Never leave clothes longer than a week in a pile!

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