Gennady Golovkin wants to defeat Canelo Alvarez by making it a BATTLE

"GGG" Golovkin (37-0, 33 KOs) isn't from Mexico yet he anticipates utilising what he alludes to as the "Mexican style" of battling gained from his mentor Abel Sanchez to vanquish Saul "Canelo" Alvarez (49-1-1, 34 KOs) on September 16. Canelo says he needs to demonstrate who has the genuine "Mexican style" of battling when he gets Golovkin inside the ring at the T-Versatile Field in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In any case, the boxing fans and the chances producers trust that Golovkin is the one that will triumph in this battle because of his size, power, understanding and unrivalled capacity.

The intriguing part about Canelo and Golovkin’s battling styles is Canelo battles more like an American than an exemplary Mexican contender. Canelo appears to have received the battling style of Floyd Mayweather Jr., and he utilises that style only. You can contend that the warrior that uses the exemplary Mexican style that we see from greats like Julio Cesar Chavez is Triple G. He battles more with the Mexican style of battling as I would see it.

So what we could be seeing is Golovkin beating a prominent Mexican star utilising the Mexican style of battling on September 16. We're not going to see Golovkin battle in an Eastern European style since he quit utilising that style since he collaborated with coach Abel Sanchez. He's changed Golovkin's battling style totally to make him like the Mexican greats previously, and the change has truly helped Golovkin's battling. He's turned out to be to a greater extent a knockout craftsman with the assistance of Sanchez.

"He has a tad bit of the Mexican style," said Canelo in regards to GGG. "He's forceful. He's a major puncher. He has a decent left snare. I'm clearly Mexican with Mexican blood. The fans will see an awesome battle thus. Will make it clear toward the end who the better contender is. I'm fixated to win the battle. On September sixteenth, you will see who the genuine Mexican style is," said Canelo.

Canelo has as of now indicated that he's not going to stand and go to war with Golovkin in this battle. Canelo supposes it would be a mix up for him to stand straightforwardly before GGG and exchange control shots. On the off chance that Canelo battles Golovkin the way that somebody like Floyd Mayweather Jr. would by boxing him, at that point we're presumably not going to have the capacity to see the Mexican style of battling that Golovkin needs to flaunt to the fans.

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