Gate Valve Various Types And Its Importance

Gate valve, which is also known as a knife or a slide valve, is basically used to control the flow of water or any liquid through a pipe or channel. 

When the valve closure element is changed to move up and down to block the flow of fluid. Gate valve is widely used in many places including homes, factories, big industries, hotels and so on.

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Gate Valve- The Different Types

Because of the widespread use and benefit of gate valves, it can be found in different varieties to meet different needs. Some of the most popular varieties include the following.

Parallel valve: These valves control the flow of fluids by utilizing a flat disk that is placed between two parallel seats. Both seats are placed upstream and downstream. It can be effectively used to control the water flow.

Wedge Valve: The wedge gate valve is one of the most popular varieties of valves. Having a parallel gate and two seats inclined.

Rising stem valve: This is the most common variety of valves used in most regions today. It has a rounded grip attached to the shaft or rod. Although this is one of the most popular types of valves can not be used in areas where there are space constraints.

Non-rising stem valves: Gate valve is popularly used for underground pipes where it is difficult for the shaft to raise the valve can be opened by turning the handle to the left and closed by turning fully to the right.

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