How Farm Machinery Is Valued

The equipment appraisers are used to define the value of equipment in the farm and that is the plant and machinery including. There are three main used techniques that have been there for a long time. However, there are factors that are depended on in order to have the equipment considered.

The sales approach

It is also recognized as the market approach which is most generally used by most people. The approach is also practical particularly in this area for the information that is considered to be available is available and safe as the market is large for this kind of equipment.

Sales comparison approach

This approach is whereby the appraisers use similar sales, sale results, and dealer listings of the equipment that is to be considered.  For more information about farm machinery you can also visit

Hence with the data gathered from several dealers, they are able to know the exact estimate of the equipment and maybe few changes are made in regards to condition and also the stability of equipment. The benefit of this approach is it holds any type of discount into account.

Cost approach

This is found by deducting the current replacement cost of the equipment wit h the physical decline,  and economic obsolescence. This is usually based on the value to replace the asset with another use of similar purpose.

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