How Expansion Joint Systems Work

Expansion joint system is an innovative alternative for pipes and plumbing. These joints can be used in the oil, paper, and petrochemical industries and in many other fields.

Metal expansion joints are important components for pipeline technology. They are used for long-balancing changes, which usually occurs in the pipe of the temperature change. Get more information about how the expansion joint system works via

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The diversity of expansion joints available for large applications. They are usually produced in standard dimensions and can reach 1-200 inches in diameter; they can withstand temperatures of minus 300 degrees F to 4000 degrees F.

The introduction of fabric expansion joints in the market completely revolutionized the way engineers solve thermal expansion, corrosive and abrasive matter. These fabric joints can be used in many different applications for turbines.

Metal bellows are generally used in pipeline systems that connect pumps and vessels. The design of the folds in the metal bellow allows for greater axial, lateral and angular motion. 

With the help of these bellows, flanged-end and fused-end expansion joints can be easily and quickly created. Both universal and double expansion joints use two bellows.

Metal expansion joints offer a cost-effective choice and improve the product life cycle of the pipeline system. Designed to last for the system; metal bellows reduce sealing problems and the large space needed with alternative expansion equipment.

To ensure the good functioning of this system, absolute attention and skill is required in designing the bellows and hardware.

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