The Essential Business Communication Skills

The field of Big Business is a big stakes affair, where transparency and understanding are at a premium. One mistake, one false step could be the distinction between success and failure with untold fortunes hanging in the balance.

Confidence: Whether you’re negotiating agreement conditions, brokering a six-figure package or just pitching your company’s latest plan, successful business communication rests almost solely about how you exude self-confidence in your conversation and body gestures.

know your audience: Make it a point to always understand whom you are talking with. This can help you tailor your methodology, minimise through the bull and make effective use of everyone’s time theirs and yours. If you want to know anything about communication from our expert you can also send us a query.

your facts and statistics: Your communication skills will be quickly given meaningless unless you show an intensive demand for the important data. Prepare yourself. Avoid being the peon rummaging through records looking for something.

Don’t wait to talk, listen: Business communication, like any other, needs give-and-take. It is a two-way street. Listen to the person you’re communicating to and be ready to receive their input. This not only helps you seem interested, it helps you stay mentally focused on the conversation at hand.

 BE CLEAR, BE CONCISE: “Brevity is the soul of humour,” Shakespeare famously said. What he meant by this is don’t consume people’s time. If you can say something in one sentence, then, by all means, do so. Effective communication is most often easy communication.

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