Enhance the Beauty of Your Home With Low Voltage Outdoor Path Lighting

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to enhance the beauty of your home, while increasing safety, is to install low voltage outdoor path lighting.Low voltage outdoor path lighting systems include decorative lights placed along exterior pathways. 

The lights illuminate walking areas, increasing safety at night, as well as accenting landscaping features and creating visual interest. The extra light provides safer walking conditions for residents while deterring intruders, and carefully placed lights can turn trees and other features into architectural focal points at night.

Low voltage outdoor path lighting systems, which use 12-volt electrical circuits to power the lights, are wired, as opposed to solar systems. Wired systems typically comprise three main components: a power pack, lamps, and a cable.For more information about the low voltage, you can also search West Hollywood Electrician online.

The power pack, or transformer, plugs into an outdoor outlet and supplies electricity to the system. Lamps provide the light, and a weather-resistant cable transmits electricity from the transformer to the lamps. Some systems also include a timer to turn lights on and off automatically at selected times.

In solar systems, the power source is a solar collection panel located on the lamp itself. The panel uses the sun to charge a battery on the lamp, eliminating the need for electrical wires and a transformer. 

Solar systems are easier to install, but a homeowner must be sure that the lights will receive enough sunlight during the day to sufficiently power the lights at night. Low voltage systems, since they plug directly into a home's power source, tend to be more reliable in terms of consistency of brightness and how long lights stay on.

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