An engagement ring is the show of someone's affection to the start the journey of a lifetime together. 

The choosing of an engagement ring is never taken lightly and can take months to find and decide on the right ring and engravement,  after all, it is a gift for life.

Choosing the ring is the first step, in itself a long and arduous task, the next step is the engravement, which is an equally important aspect. 

For some people, this is the part they have overlooked with all the pressure being on the ring itself, sometimes little thought has been given to this important part of the process. 

So what do I say? What do other people do? 

There are many possibilities anything from where you first met, to now trendy new languages, pictures and even adding stones to certain words is becoming a new feature in the industry. 

The stone or stones that can go into the engraving can be anything from a diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire or the latest trend a pink diamond, a very diamond, click here to find out about a pink diamond investment.  

In the word LOVE, the letter 'o' is ideal to add the extra sparkle to the occasion and your message. 

Here are some ideas, by the way, not all of them we particularly like but these are some of the phrases seen in 2018:

• I Love You

• You are my everything

• One ring to rule them all 

•  You are the only one

And so on.

The question on many peoples minds is who exactly does the engraving?

Search for a hand engraver is the better option.  They are masters of their craft; Once they finish the engravement, it will be rubbed and polished to the highest standard.

Where is the best area for placement of the Engravement?

Naturally, people think 'At the bottom of the ring' but remember this is where often the join of the ring is. If the ring has to be realised, there's a good chance they would need to cut through the engraving, with this in mind we always recommend the side to avoid disturbance. 

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