Eco-Friendly Products For An Office

Using eco-friendly items for promotional purposes is not a new trend. However, organizations and corporate setups have started using eco-friendly products more now in order to preserve the environment. As awareness is increasing, companies are supporting eco-friendly items and are discouraging the use of products that can be harmful the environment.

Following are some eco-friendly items that are commonly used in office setups: 

Courtesy: nicholashunter

1. Stationary Stands

Most offices use eco-friendly stationary stands. These stands are usually made from eco-friendly or recycled materials. This ensures that no extra trees are chopped to make stationary stands. Materials that are commonly used to make eco-friendly stationary stands are recycled wood, bamboo or cardboard.

2. Lanyards

Another item that is commonly used by office employees is lanyards. The basic purpose of a lanyard is to carry small items like ID cards, USBs and so on. But these make for great promotional products for companies and organizations as well, as they just have to add their logo tagline on it. These are not only economical but can easily be made from an eco-friendly material like recycled plastic, bamboos, cotton cloth and so on.

3. Pens

Another commonly used office product is a pen. They are not only used by employees but also by clients, customers, and visitors. You can easily order eco-friendly pens. Materials used commonly for making eco-friendly pens include recycled cardboard, recycled plastic, bamboos, etc. Moreover, they are easily available in various designs and colours which makes them very attractive.

Other eco-friendly products that are commonly used in offices include business cards, phone stands, and desktop items.

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