Don’t Forget Your Health Insurance When Moving Abroad

Why do I need migrant health insurance?

Even the minor illness or minimum accident can be expensive if you do not have satisfactory health insurance. You need to ensure that you and your family are fully covered before you move abroad and you have peace of mind knowing you will receive the best medical care, anywhere in your world and no matter how serious the illness or injury is.

Global expat health insurance is specifically designed for people who move permanently from their home countries. This ensures that you are not denied medical coverage in your new home.

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Some countries also insist that you have adequate health insurance before taking residence. If this is a legal requirement and you do not have insurance before you arrive, you may be denied access to the country or even fined.

Health insurance Expat is the same as a normal health insurance policy, but instead of just protecting you in your home country, health insurance ensures that you are protected for treatment in your new home since you arrived.

Another reason for taking international health insurance

The quality of your local country health care system is poor or does not meet your needs

Good quality local health services may be very expensive, even for prescription drugs or light treatments

The local health care system is confusing

Language barriers make it difficult to use local systems

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