Diving In Cozumel Island Mexico

This Mexican island doesn't only offer a wide array of diving activities but also extremely clear waters which allow drivers to have a prominence of about 150 foot. Divers who visit Cozumel Island have the opportunity of diving in many different reefs.

Some of the main reefs and many visited ones are Punta Tunich, San Francisco, Paraiso, Tormentos, Chankanaab, Maracaibo, Punta Sur, Santa Rosa, Colombia, Palancar, and Paso del Cedral. There are beautiful beaches which could provide diving and different activities.

It has several different walls full of amazing corals and surrounded by very colorful and diverse sea life. The walls and reefs are under the Mexican Government National Park protection due to their beauty.

The island's oceans have a very rich sea life, abundant of colorful fish. This can be enjoyed not only by sailors but by snorkelers as well because the water is so apparent that visitors may enjoy great views from nearly the surface.

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In some regions, even swimmers can see a number of the Island's amazing sea life in the surface. A price to get a fantastic regulator such as the air hoses is around $400 to $600. You can search online for Cozumel Scuba Diving Instructors and Exclusive Scuba Packages in Mexico.

Cozumel Island has two main areas which can be differentiated, the western region and the eastern one. The west side of the island has calm waters that make it perfect for swimmers, snorkelers and divers who would like to practice the action in a rather quiet atmosphere.

The east side of the island is usually temperate and its waters are best for windsurfers and experienced divers. Due to the wide array of tasks this island provides, people of all ages can find something to do.

 You will find activities for many different preferences, from those who would like to spend a calm and relaxing time by taking a sunbath or swimming in turquoise seas, for those who wish to go through an existing action like diving into a present or windsurfing.

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